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We Only Not Install But We Take Care of Your System for 10 years

10 Years Workman Ship Guarantee

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Making our energy valuable is our aim, and we are committed to making renewable energy sources helpful to the Australian people. We are proud members of the Clean Energy Council and offer a comprehensive solar installation solution that includes installation, energy management, and continuing maintenance. Reading this document will satisfy you with our Workmanship guarantee which we promise for our services.

What is 10 years Workmanship Guarantee?

Under the banner of 10 years Workmanship guarantee, we offer you the best guarantee in installing the photovoltaic system, the installation of the storage battery and the inverters. This guarantee covers all the solar system installation errors, including defects and repair in residential or commercial premises made by its qualified installers (“workmanship guarantee”).

Solar Installation Work Guarantee

The workmanship guarantee is committed to duly respecting the property and general possessions of the customer during the installation of the Solar System. The company undertakes to compensate for damages caused by its negligence or that of its installation partners.

The customer must notify the company of any harm as soon as possible and reasonably take all reasonable steps to mitigate the damage. Our 10 years workmanship guarantee starts when the Solar System is successfully installed.

Limited Liability and Exclusions

It will be necessary to notify the company within a specified period of time in order for the guarantee to be effective. Every guarantee offered by the company is valid if the equipment fails to function as expected during regular usage, for the stated period, and according to the terms of the guarantee.

No Guarantee Covers:

How to Claim?

The company is liable for any lack of conformance that manifests itself in accordance with the written guarantee; if your system is defective in the manner stated, you have the right to make a claim under this Workmanship Guarantee and outline the nature of the Workmanship defect. You must give us all reasonable assistance in diagnosing and resolving any faults over the phone. If you do not, the charges associated with attending your premise may be excluded from the scope of this Workmanship Guarantee.

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Disputes and Legal Rights

In addition to any statutory rights or remedies you may have, including under Australian Consumer Law, this Workmanship guarantee is valid.

Our products come with warranties that are unassailable under Australian Consumer Law. For a major failure, you are entitled to a replacement or refund, as well as reimbursement for any other reasonably anticipated loss or harm. You have the right to have the items repaired or replaced if they are not of acceptable quality and the problem is not a major failure.

Any dispute between the Client and MOEV ENERGY must be settled amicably. If this is not possible, each party may take their dispute to the courts of the city of New South Wales.


All the installation works are carried out by competent, qualified and constantly updated personnel only to prevent any risks ensuring the system’s continued success for years. We give this Workmanship guarantee for over ten years to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the solar system they are using and with the services we provide for a very low or no cost. When it comes to generating energy, we’re confident that our systems will provide a lot of it, which will lead to increased reliability and long term cost savings.

This Workmanship Guarantee is granted by the Solar Plant entity that agreed to install solar panels for you. All the guarantees, limitations and exclusions are specified in the document to avoid any disputes in future.

Now, you just have to let yourself go and enjoy all the advantages and comforts of green energy.
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