Installing solar panels in Sydney

Why Not Install Solar Panels on Your Own

Installing solar panels in Sydney is a great step that helps you save more and help the environment. It will also save you money on your electricity bill and on self-consumption tax credits.

For this and other reasons, solar panels are gaining popularity in New South Wales, Australia, among private individuals, neighborhood groups, and businesses. But is it feasible to install solar panels at home? We’ll explain why you shouldn’t in this post. MOEV ENERGY, being a Solar Consultant Sydney can help you protect your investment.

Install Solar Panels at Home on Your Own

Whatever type of photovoltaic panel installation you choose, you will need to contribute financially and understand the technical, legal, and operational steps involved in installing solar panels in Sydney.

While photovoltaic technology is simple, solar panel installation is not. Photovoltaic solar panels are complex systems that require specific knowledge to operate properly. The electrical systems could also cause short circuits and fires. There are risks in not consulting a solar system company or solar consultant, including damage to the panels or any component, poor results, and unnecessary complications.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Solar Panels in Sydney Without a Professional

There are few mistakes highlighted below made when installing solar panels.

Incorrect technical calculations

The dimensions of the house, the roof – or the surface where the solar panels will be placed -, the electricity consumption, and the power required is among the first data required. This will determine the number of solar panels, battery size, and type required. Solar system companies must perform the final technical calculations of the solar installation to avoid errors that reduce its efficiency.

Connection failures

A solar panel installation has several primary and secondary components that make it work. Inexperienced assemblers may cause connection failures that compromise the system’s performance.

Consumption of low-quality products

Lack of experience or reliable solar panels providers can lead to poor quality materials being used. A high-quality solar system with the best solar panels must last 25-40 years.

Inappropriate orientation

The orientation of self-consumption solar panels is one of the main causes of poor performance. If not done properly, the efficiency may decrease, and the investment recovery time may increase due to reduced energy production.

No product or labor guarantee

In addition, hiring a solar system company Sydney to install your solar panels protects you from any problems that may arise during or after installation.

Installing solar panels without notifying the appropriate authorities

The installation certificate is one of the requirements for legalizing your photovoltaic solar energy installation. If you install the panels yourself, you will not be able to legalize your solar installation and receive compensation for your photovoltaic surplus. Only legal installations qualify for this benefit.

MOEV ENERGY- Solar System Installer in Australia

Solar energy is no longer a myth but a reality. MOEV ENERGY is one of Australia’s leading solar firms dedicated to installing complete energy efficiency projects using cutting-edge solar panel systems or photovoltaic systems. Our company installs solar panels in NSW, Sydney and guarantees high quality and timely completion.

We are contributing our best in making our energy valuable, and we are a certified member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC), thus qualify for legal installations. We offer free consultations for your home or business to help you get the best solar solution. Avoid installing solar panels on your own when you have the best solar consultant in Sydney; contact us for a free solar quote.