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Why Cheap Solar Panels Cost you more?

In recent years, solar photovoltaic energy has been one of the fast and well-known renewables. A fascinating form of energy that provides a free and clean raw material, attracting an increasing number of people globally.  Solar systems in Australia are the cheapest in the world. The reason for this is that the Australian government redirects some of the country’s existing electricity charges into incentives for solar system buyers.

As technology advances, the sale of photovoltaic solar kits has flourished in thousands of enterprises. which are extremely cheap at first sight, but it hides a terrible design that will cause us to lose a good deal of money in future.

Buying cheap solar panels is always an expensive decision. Solar panels from unknown manufacturers with a doubtful reputation could cause premature death. and will let you replace them with a new one in a very short period of time. Although advances in solar panel technology may eventually increase production warranties to 30 years, practically every manufacturer now offers this. But who is the assurance you’re looking for if solar panels start to fail at the age of 11?

In order to be reliable and trustworthy, the service provider must deliver the promised quality within the price range that has been agreed upon. Unfortunately, certain cheap solar system providers offer. the lowest prices, but the quality of the products they give is so low (typically built in China) that consumers are giving them negative feedback after they have purchased their products from them. People truly fall in love with their deceptive promises and long warranties. as well as the low costs that they advertise in their eye-catching advertisements. That is why it is important to choose a solar panel manufacturer with a recognized history and financial solvency in the market, that guarantees that it will not disappear in the near future.

What Problems People Face after getting Cheap Solar Offers

Installing low-quality cheap solar panels will end up in severe headaches. and for sure, there will be no saving rather spending to repair them. The key problems a low-quality and cheap solar panels will face are;

  • Hot Spots – Solar panels might unintentionally create heated zones because they are overloaded; it is something that occurs due to poor welding during its manufacture or due to defects in the solar cells themselves. Hot spots are not stable and will eventually kill the solar panel.
  • Micro-fractures are invisible breaks in the solar cells induced by stress or pressure, which damage the solar cells and cause the solar panel to malfunction. These cracks appear due to the use of poor quality cells that mostly cheap solar companies use. The presence of these is not harmful till they increase in size when the area becomes weak.
  • Fire is probably the most terrible thing that could happen to a solar panel mounted on a family home’s roof. Although it is uncommon for a solar panel to catch fire, it might happen due to the use of low-quality material that generates a hot spot.
  • Delamination occurs with low-quality polymers, and it causes the separation of the plastic from the rear of the solar panel. When this happens, water might enter the solar panel, causing serious complications.
  • Deformations usually start near the solar plate’s middle, where it begins to bend and sink. This is due to the use of low-quality materials in the solar panel manufacturing process.
  • Discolouration Although the panels seem excellent at the time of installation. They may discolour in different places over time due to the use of non-compatible materials that have not been tested. The effects on the efficiency of solar panels are still unknown.
  • The voltage difference between the panel and the ground. utilized for safety, can result in a performance loss of 10 per cent and reduce its life.
  • The corrosion also can occur in other areas of the system due to outside moisture and finally producing catastrophic failures
  • Cheap Batteries – The total cost of the photovoltaic kit will be inexpensive if they offer you a small battery. but the usable life of that part will be cut in half.
  • Glass breakage is primarily caused by time and climate. Cheap solar panels are more susceptible to it, and they cannot withstand heat shock or intense hail.

The durability of the solar panel is extremely important.  Many solar panels have not been tested in unfavorable conditions. and a storm could force the installation to replace all of the solar panels. If the above problems occur on multiple roofs, the warranties are ineffective. leaving customers with useless equipment on their roofs. and costly removals or repairs. The cheap solar companies are deceiving a lot of people, and the Federal Government is well aware of this; therefore, it has taken little action to solve it. For example, A liquidated director of business should have a registration number so that the end customer can readily check the number of liquidated companies he already has. This new customer-centric strategy has nonetheless been burdened with bureaucracy.

How to Get Rid of Cheap Solar Offers

The most valuable possession on earth is your home, where you want to live a happy life rather hectic. A high-quality installation and equipment will last for years, thereby help you save more.

Of course, not all firms that use these types of marketing strategies are scams. but you should be cautious before making any purchases.

Here are some tips to get rid of cheap solar offers.

  • Question your prices. Request multiple estimates from specialized companies in the field.
  • Trust the businesses around you. You’ll know where to complain if you have an issue. Some companies which are fake never pick up the phone again.
  • Must check the company is CEC (Clean Energy Council) Certified or not.
  • Carefully read the contract they offer you, including the fine print.
  • The installation business is responsible for the legal processing of solar systems. Make certain that the solar panels are operational and legal.
  • If they offer you a high-priced annual maintenance contract; Be cautious!
  • Look into the company’s history and reputation on the internet. You can use the feedback of other customers on independent websites or forums to help you make a decision.
  • Don’t be swayed by 24-hour offers to make a hasty decision. Scammers frequently employ pressure tactics like these to get you to rush and under-report your purchase.


Don’t only look at the price when you purchase solar panels. Be aware of low-cost items from unknown sources, as well as strange manufacturing names. Otherwise, buyers will be exposed to some hazards. They will promise you big discounts, external finance, long guarantees, and the best pricing on the market. Solar energy does have numerous advantages, but what people experience with inexpensive solar systems has shown us that they are nothing more than a scam. And, of course, second-hand solar panels are also a bad idea to go for because with today’s solar panel costs, purchasing used solar panels does not entail considerable savings, but it does pose a significant risk.

At MOEV ENERGY, we only sell solar panels from well-known, reputable manufacturers. With over years of experience in the solar panel industry and the assurance of future continuity, you will not be surprised. We are the certified company and the member of CEC (Clean Energy Council). our technicians are all CEC certified, which is the foremost element to get reliability.