Solar Panel Installation

The Eight Most Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation.

Solar energy is one of the cheapest and easiest renewable energy sources to produce, which is why it is rapidly spreading across New South Wales (NSW), Sydney. The repeal of the sun tax and the reduction of facility costs have made it a viable and accessible option for many. But still, there are a few questions about renewable energy and solar panel installation in Sydney. Here are the top 8 questions regarding solar panels Sydney, solar power installation and Solar energy systems with their answers in this blog. Keep reading.

Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation – 8 FAQS

1. How many solar panels do I need?

The number of solar panels per installation is determined by consumption. As a guide, the following table can be used:

  • For 2,000 kWh, 2–4 solar panels are required.
  • 5 to 7 solar panels for 2,000-5,000 kWh
  • 7 solar panels are required for 5,000 kWh.

For a 2,000 kWh annual consumption single-family home, a self-consumption installation requires three 320W solar panels. In Sydney, MOEV ENERGY installs 450W solar panels.

2. Are there aids available for solar panel installation in Sydney?

Small-scale solar energy system buyers in Sydney, Australia, may be eligible for a tax credit under the SmallScale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to offset the cost of the system. It’s technically a discount on your quote, but you’ll save money in the long run because of it. STCs, or small-scale technology certificates, are used to grant this discount on solar panels Sydney and Solar panel installations.

3. Is it necessary to install solar batteries?

Solar batteries are optional in networked systems but required in isolated grid projects. Self-consumption facilities keep the grid connection and use it when the system isn’t producing energy, like at night. A solar battery is not required to store excess energy in these cases.

4. If there are clouds, solar panels still work

While clouds reduce direct sunlight on solar panels in Sydney, they do not prevent radiation from reaching photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb energy from visible light as well as other wavelengths that pass through clouds. So, yes, solar panels can generate energy on cloudy days as long as there is light in the environment. It can reduce system performance slightly, but not enough to halt supply.

5. How long does the solar installation in Sydney last?

A photovoltaic installation has an average useful life of 30 years, but it can last much longer. The power will gradually decrease after age 20 as the photovoltaic cells degrade. With proper care, the module can last up to 40 years.

6. What about the maintenance of solar panels? Do they need proper maintenance?

One of the benefits of solar installation is its durability and low maintenance. Solar panels require some maintenance to keep them in top condition. Cleaning the plates with a simple soap and water mixture should be done twice or three times a year (more if they are in dusty or windy areas). A visual inspection of all components by solar power installers is recommended once a year.

7. How much can we save with the installation of residential solar panels in Sydney?

The savings will vary depending on the family’s consumption and habits, but in general, photovoltaic solar panels in Sydney can save between 40 and 70% of the cost of the system. This is a significant saving, especially as electricity prices reach historic highs. This means the installation cost can be repaid in less than 8 years. The aid and subsidies by expert solar installers in Sydney greatly reduce this amortization.

8. When should I install solar panels?

Autumn is a great time in Sydney to install solar panels because it is cooler and the sun is still shining. So, while enjoying the peace of summer vacations, this solar power project is ideal. The summer and fall sun in spring are also good times to install solar panels. Anytime is a good time to install a photovoltaic module to start saving electricity. Waiting to install is not the most successful vision. Why? The light savings from a solar installation are guaranteed and will always add up, regardless of the season. Install solar panels as soon as possible to benefit from the annual production.

MOEV ENERGY is one of the reliable solar companies in Sydney with CEC certification and expert solar power installers. We offer complete solar panel installation, with good quality solar panels, batteries, and solar inverters in NSW, Sydney, and other neighboring regions of Australia. If you still have questions about solar energy and solar installation after reading this brief FAQ, contact us for a consultation. If you decide to install solar panels in your home, you can request a free preliminary study; we will send our best solar installers for inspection.