Solar Panels Installation Sydney

How long do solar panels last?

A popular renewable energy source for self-consumption is solar energy. It is a pollution-free, clean, and sustainable option that allows for significant electricity bill savings. Solar panels also have a long enough useful life to be one of the most profitable options available.

What is the lifespan of solar panels?

Solar energy technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and one of the benefits of solar panels is their longevity. After all, these are outdoor elements that must withstand any weather. This includes frost, snow, and intense sun.

They are not impervious to deterioration, despite their long useful life. Our solar panels in Sydney have a 25 years power production guarantee. You already know how guarantees work and that by offering these years, it means that these solar panels have a longer useful life. A solar power system can operate for 30-40 years or more, but its power will gradually decrease due to photovoltaic cell degradation.

The good news is that it can be used for a long time. Only the solar panel installation’s capacity to produce photovoltaic solar energy for the home’s electricity needs to be verified.

Do solar panels’ performance change over time?

The power of solar panels begins to decline between 20 and 30 years. This occurs as solar cells age. The best quality solar panels degrade between 0.3 and 0.8 per cent per year on average. Only 5% of the capacity to capture solar energy will be lost in ten years that is negligible. A solar panel installation in Sydney would continue to operate at 88 per cent capacity with a degradation rate of 0.5 per cent. Afterwards, if any solar panels Sydney do not meet the figure, they can be replaced independently. If it’s under warranty, it’s free.

How to prolong the life of solar panels in Sydney

Choosing the best quality solar panels Sydney on the market is important for a long-lasting solar panel installation in Sydney. Monocrystalline is now considered the most durable. This is due to the materials, design, and manufacturing standards used. However, proper solar panel installation, treatment, and periodic cleaning will help prolong the panel’s life. It is also useful to regularly monitor the system’s components to avoid possible failures or defects affecting the whole set. Also, install the best solar inverters and batteries to support your solar panels. To get the best solar inverters and solar panels, consult different solar companies in Sydney or the best solar power installers.

Solar panel maintenance to extend their life

Solar panel maintenance is easy. Cleaning should be done once a year, preferably in the morning or evening. This is when the sun is weakest, and the panels produce the least energy. The dust and other elements that have accumulated on the plates’ surface must be removed with a broom or brush. Clean your solar panels with a warm sponge. These two points are vital. Soap should be soft to avoid scratching the panel surface.

The water temperature is also important, as cold water causes thermal shock, which can damage the photovoltaic cells. If you use jet water to clean them, use low pressure and make sure the water is soft. It’s a simple task, and you can usually call the solar installers or solar companies. MOEV ENERGY will be responsible for the annual maintenance of all the solar panel installations in Sydney and provide a 10-years workmanship certificate to maintain solar panels and the system.

MOEV ENERGY – Solar Panels Sydney Provider

The best way to ensure that solar panels continue to produce energy for decades is to install them with a reputable company that uses high-quality solar panels.

If you’re thinking about going green, contact MOEV ENERGY, and we’ll show you all your solar energy options. We prepare a free initial personal study and advice on aid, subsidies, and financing. We provide complete solar panel installations with the best component like solar batteries and solar inverters. The customers in New South Wales, Sydney love our after-sales services, which last for 10 years.

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